You are our focus!



Life’s Direction has licensed the POWERHOUSE GYM brand and during the month of August you will see the transition completed. Life’s Direction will remain with the club doing business as (DBA) POWERHOUSE GYM, Avon, OH. Feel free to stop by the club and watch us transform. Mention that you were informed of this transition from our website and we’ll give you a 20% 1st-year membership discount.

At the club we will work with you to craft an effective plan.

Help you meet your goals and achieve real results.

We offer traditional training programs as well as custom-crafted programs designed to help you hit your targets.

From lifestyle plans to social fitness classes, we offer you options that make fitness fun and rewarding.

We believe that fitness and wellness should go hand-in-hand, and here at POWERHOUSE GYM, Avon, OH we will help you find the balance you need to make a lifestyle change that you can achieve and maintain.


Ready to adopt a fitness lifestyle?

workoutHere’s how POWERHOUSE GYM, Avon, OH can help at every step!

  • Develop positive nutrition habits
  • Engage in healthy fitness routines
  • Explore fresh fitness and wellness activities
  • Stay inspired and motivated to meet your goals

Today when everyone has such busy schedules it is often difficult to achieve a healthy lifestyle and stay on track.

POWERHOUSE GYM, Avon, OH brings together motivated, like-minded people who serve to encourage and support each other as we all work toward our goals.

Together, we will help achieve fitness, wellness and a positive Life’s Direction