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Dear Friends and Members of Life’s Direction. This is my first of what will be a regular Tuesday weekly communication from me via the blog page on our website. My goal is to bring you fresh, and hopefully enlightening, fitness and wellness information each week in addition to Andy’s regular blogs and club newsletters.

With this first communication I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you a bit about myself for point of reference sake. I had really hoped to get to know each and every one of you but as our club grows I’ve come to realize that I will likely not get as intimately engaged with each of you as I had originally thought I could. With that I still think I can reach you all via my weekly communication. I also welcome your communications to me and know that I will read your messages and respond accordingly as quickly as I can.

About Pete

I’ll try to keep this brief but make it as complete as possible so that you can get a better idea about who I am. For starters I own Life’s Direction and I opened it because being a gym owner has always been a life’s passion of mine. Another more recent passion was wine and I am also a co-owner of The Wine Room ( along with my Brother-in-law, my wife and my sister.

Relative to fitness it all began when I was a fat kid back in junior high school and I was invited to join the wrestling team to fill the heavyweight slot. I wrestled through high school and at Cleveland State for two years until I blew out my left knee (meniscus), and developed nagging bursitis on my right knee from all the pounding, In addition to wrestling I also played high school football as the center and during my senior year I was the co-captain of both the school’s football and wrestling teams.

Post wrestling, and even during my high-school years and years since, I’ve exercised. My first foray in a gym was a place called “Vince’s Gym” located at West 25th and Clark in Cleveland and from there I bought a hugely expensive membership at the then “Scandinavian Health Spa”, which later became Bally’s and now is splintered all over into a variety of clubs. Since that time I built a gym in my basement and have done a bit of power lifting and some body shaping.

More recently I’ve gotten into road cycling and have done a couple of challenging “Sweet Corn Challenge” rides ( With this there was a natural progression into SPINNING and I’ve since gained my SPINNING certification and teach many classes each week at our club.

I currently live in Olmsted Falls but my wife and I are actively packing up our house and we plan to move into Avon within this year. We think we’ve settled on a development nearby the club but that is not quite settled yet. We have three wonderful children with just one remaining at home.

Anyways, I have already gone much longer than I had planned so I’ll cut this off now and along with my weekly fitness communication I’ll try to include some tidbits that will enable you to get to know me even better. Going forward check-out a weekly blog from me on on our website blog page ( Feel free to drop me an Email ( any time or stop by while in the club and I’ll be glad to discuss fitness, or whatever is on your mind.



Great Snack – This was a simple healthy snack that stuck with me as I was going through Costco sampling at their various stations. It was quick and easy and I ended up adding my own twist. They were sampling some of their Kirkland brand non-fat Greek yogurt in a small cup sprinkled with some Grape Nuts cereal…I ended up buying both. After having it at home a few times I added in a smattering of raisins for some sweetness and now it is a quick easy snack that I have almost every day. Often it serves as a quick breakfast that I have before I head out for my early morning SPINNING class.

  • 3/4 cup of Non-Fat Greek Yogurt (I prefer the Kirkland brand for taste and cost reasons)
  • Tablespoon of Grape Nuts Cereal
  • Tablespoon of Raisins (I like the Sun-maid brand)


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