Workplace Nutrition Must-haves

Workplace Nutrition Must-Haves
For my first blog entry, I’d like to touch base a bit on nutrition. If you’re like me, you probably lead a busy life. Sometimes getting the right nutrition while leading your busy life can be a bit challenging. Many of us don’t have time to cook up a well-balanced breakfast before we start our day at work. Adding to that, during the mid-morning, we might feel the urge to reach for an easy snack. This is fine, as I preach eating 4-6 meals per day to my training clients. This, however, is a crucial decision. Many are tempted to grab a sandwich at the drive through while ordering their coffee. Let’s be real here. Every single time I order my Venti black coffee at Starbucks, the cashier is always trying to upsell me on adding a scone or something else to make my order even more expensive. What the heck is a scone anyways???? I generally manage to avoid the temptation to add a food item to my coffee order because I know that nutritionally, there is nothing healthy about these items. They’re full of empty calories and won’t leave you feeling full for very long.
I’ll attempt to keep this as short as possible but here’s a little bit of a background on what inspired me to write this. I’m normally great at preparing meals for the week. I usually do this on Sunday, as it’s generally my day off. However, my wife and I just sold our house in Fairview Park and bought another one in Brunswick. We cleared out of our Fairview house last week and have adapted a nomadic lifestyle for the next three weeks. Well, not really. We’re staying with the in-laws. They’re awesome, but they aren’t too hip to eating like cavemen like me. Long story made short, it’s really hard to get into the kitchen for 2-3 hours to do my normal meal prep.
After the first week of having a longer commute and picking up breakfast on my way to work, I realized that I needed to make a few changes. I didn’t feel well and neither did my wallet. This prompted a trip to the grocery store. I have a fridge and a microwave at work. Let’s do this. Let’s keep it healthy. I train as a powerlifter, so calories are a must!
Here is the list of things that I picked up:
-A container of liquid egg whites- these can be cooked in the microwave. 4 minutes to breakfast!
-100% whole wheat tortillas- good for eggs and the lunch meat that I’ll talk about in a minute. Good slow-digesting carbs to satisfy hunger. It has to be 100% whole wheat.
-Reduced fat cheddar cheese- good for the egg wrap as well as deli meat wrap.
-Frank’s Red Hot- Cayenne pepper has been shown to be an appetite suppressant as well as a metabolism jump-starter. Great for the wrap!
-Low Sodium Turkey Breast lunch meat- Put this on the wraps for a healthy, protein rich lunch!
-Greek Yogurt- good amount of carbs, yet protein dense. Easy and portable. Very good snack. I’ll eat Greek yogurt about an hour before my workout.
-Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice (Whole Grain Brown) – 90 seconds to slow digesting carbs! You’ll feel fuller for longer!
Almonds- Keep portions small. 20-40 for a good, filling, mid-morning snack. Great for healthy fats. Make sure you go with unsalted.
Whey Protein- Put servings in zip lock bags. Combat Powder Cookies and Cream is my go-to. It’s great tasting and mixes with either water or milk.
I know that I’ll be back to more meal-prepping as soon as we’re moved into our new house, but it’s good to know that I don’t have to run out for fast food every single day by just keeping a few of these items on hand at the gym. Keeping my nutrition up is very important for what I do. Hopefully you got some ideas to help you during your busy life as well!

Yours in Health,


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