Pete’s Tuesday Weekly – The Fear of Spinning

The Fear of Spinning – Challenge

I’ve heard so many people say that Spinning “is too hard”, or “looks too hard”. Or they are “not in good enough shape” to do a Spinning class. I’ve heard it so much that it must be people’s reality and I just felt like this is a good forum for saying “nonsense”. If you are serious about getting fit, or want to shed a few pounds, then I am here to tell you that you will be hard pressed to find a better exercise for improving your cardio endurance and shedding those unwanted pounds.

About the hardest thing to get used to in Spinning is the seat and I can tell you from experience that if you give it 3-4 classes, and make a small investment in some cycling shorts, the seat issue will become a non-issue. Within a short period of time you will find Spinning to be one of the best routines you ever got yourself into…you just have to give yourself a chance.

So here is your challenge. Commit to trying 4 of our clubs Spin classes over a 2-week period and if at the end you come to me and still say “Pete, it is too hard”, I’ll give you your money back in the way of credits toward whatever else you choose to do at our club. I am so certain that you will find it to be a great, and doable workout, that you will be hooked on it as an exercise and not find it “too hard”


I started Spinning just about 18 months ago and for me it was about finding an option to my passion for outdoor cycling. Naturally as a Northeast Ohioan it is a real challenge to get any outdoor cycling in during the winter months and I wanted an option so that in Spring I would not have to start over on my road cycling. So I did some winter Spinning and it was a great option. I went into the next cycling season without feeling like I had to start over.

Then summer came around and I kind of got away from Spinning as I got back into road cycling, in earnest. I did the 100 mile Sweet Corn Challenge ( and all was good. Then one day last August I was cruising at a good clip down a side street in Berea when someone quickly backed out of their short driveway and I did not see them until the absolute last second. I ran into the side of the car and banged myself up pretty well…the driver needed a new door for his car and got cited for not properly checking for traffic before he backed out onto the street.

Needless to say it shook me up a bit and after I got my road bike repaired it definitely slowed down my outdoor cycling. About that time I got back into Spinning and earned my Spinning certification…then I opened our club and have been earnestly Spinning ever since. I’ve only been on my road bike once for a short ride this summer, from my home in Olmsted Falls to our club here in Avon, and I have to say…it was so easy. I’m looking forward to this year’s Sweet Corn Challenge at the end of this month and I have every confidence that I will tear it up because of my Spin workouts.

I’ve had other Spinners tell me about how it’s improved their running times or that they’ve learned that Spinning is a great workout option that “every trainer should recommend”. I couldn’t agree more and I encourage everyone to give Spinning a legitimate try…not just one workout.



This week’s tidbit about me – Well, now you know that in addition to wrestling bears I even wrestle with cars…[icon class=”icon-cool”]

Best quick meal option. This week I won’t give you a recipe but instead will give you what I believe to be the best quick and healthy fast-food meal option when you are on the run. GETGO…yes, this gas station/convenience stop is perfect. Sure, you can get some really unhealthy meals there but I like to stop for either, or both, breakfast and lunch, and get one of their Breakfast burritos. It is a wrap (I like the wheat option), with Eggs and variety of meat options, a cheese option, and a full menu of fresh vegetable options that you can add such that for just $3 you can get a meal that you can eat ½ for breakfast and ½ for lunch and be totally satisfied and not feel like you ate badly…plus you’ll not have broken the bank. For added value, get two of the sandwich’s and use your Giant Eagle rewards card for an additional $1 off…that’s two of these amazing breakfast sandwiches for just $5.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more w/what Pete said. I too am a long distance cyclist & was visiting my niece in Seattle, of January 2014, when I tried my first Spinning Class. I also, was unsure if I had the strength & endurance to do a Spinning Class. It didn’t matter that I had completed rides of 175, 136 & 100 miles that past summer, I was intimidated by the fear of something that was new & just a little bit different than what I was used to.
    Needless to say, I took the class & became hooked!!! As soon as I returned to Oberlin, Ohio, I immediately signed up for Spinning Classes & never stopped.
    It was later that spring, that I asked my Spinning Instructor, if he thought that I could become certified to teach Spinning. He didn’t hesitate at all & said, “Absolutely!!!” I put it off for awhile longer because, I still felt INSECURE about it myself. It was just enough of a stretch outside of my comfort zone, that FEAR still had a hold on what in my mind, I was capable of achieving.
    August came & I found a one day certification @YSU & I JUMPED!!! That is where I met Pete & Mary Beth. We were ALL in the Spinning Certifiation Class, together.
    And, as they say, the rest IS history!!!
    If can offer ANYTHING in addition to what Pete has said, it would be to ALLOW yourself the Uncomfortable feeling of being, UNCOMFORTABLE. It is in the, ALLOWING, that we give ourselves the SPACE NECESSARY to STRETCH & GROW & to do what we NEVER could have IMAGINED!!!
    I HOPE to see you @ one our classes, ALLOWING yourself to reach beyond, what you could have EVER IMAGINED.

    – Patty LeFebvre