How’s Much Do You Know About Trendy Nutrition? Here are some Tips!

Advice from the Trainer’s Desk
There are a lot of “experts” in the world of fitness and nutrition. Many coaches and trainers post a lot of information on the internet that may not all be true. Surprise there, right? Today I’m going to target a few things that I have observed in the trend-driven industry of fitness and nutrition and I’ll be addressing a few myths as well as providing a bit of information on a few things that have been on my mind as a coach lately.
-The biggest trend in nutrition over the last few years has been the gluten-free craze. I’ll offer my sympathies to the 1% of the population who do suffer from Celiac disease. I can’t even imagine how bad that has to be to deal with. Unfortunately, the food industry has completely used and abused the term “gluten-free” as a crafty marketing ploy to sell more units of their products. They seem to paint the picture that if something is labeled gluten-free, it is a healthy food. Remember that no matter what, a cookie is a cookie, and a piece of cake is still cake. You get the picture.
-I’ll say the same thing about the low/no carb trend that I discussed a few weeks ago. For the longest time, it’s been driven deep into society’s minds that carbs make you fat. This is miles away from the truth. Choosing the right carbs such as whole grains, brown rice, quinoa and oatmeal, to name a select few, will only help you along the way. Remember that carbohydrates are the main source of energy during most exercise! You NEED them to be at your best!
-I always advise my clients to track their food intake for at least a few days using My Fitness Pal, which is a free app available on most smart phones. It enables you to scan bar codes on food to import nutritional information. By doing this, many people realize that they may need more or less food. This will give them a better starting point when it comes to diet and nutrition. Some may think that they’re consuming enough calories to shed weight when in actuality, they may be under consuming and sabotaging progress in the gym. Using this app when I was cutting weight for my last powerlifting meet helped me lose the body fat while still achieving significant strength gains.
Always remember that everyone is different. Fitness is a long term journey that requires trial and error, program variation, and it isn’t always easy. Educate yourself constantly and smash those goals!

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